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The Sid Commons Development would pave over a section of the Petaluma river wetlands which act as the lungs of the river 

Stopping Sid Commons prevents a flood before it happens

What is Sid Commons?

  • Sid Commons is a recently approved 180-unit apartment development, located on the northern stretch of the Petaluma wetlands.
  • Only 18 units (10%) are designated as  low income, which falls below the 50% mandate by the City.
  • This project has concerned citizens due to its outdated environmental impact report which does not factor in recent flooding and future impacts from climate change, making it a dangerous threat to our City and wildlife.
  • This project will destroy roughly 19 acres of vital wetlands which FEMA designated as a floodway/ floodplain area that should never be developed.
  • This irreplaceable wetland is home to endangered Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout, and absorbs the river’s overflow during seasonal heavy rains and rising tides.
  • Due to all of these factors, concerned neighbors and Petalumans were forced to bring a civil lawsuit against the development.
  • Funding is needed to support the lawsuit – please consider making a contribution here